Tutoring and Classes

ESL Online Magazine offers tutoring and classes online and in-person (Boston area only). To learn more about these opportunities, read below.

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Online tutoring

Online tutoring sessions are tailored to the student’s specific needs and level and are an effective means to work on any skill— listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and even reading and writing. Sessions are offered over a variety of platforms including WeChat, Skype, and Zoom and can be booked for either 25-minute or 50-minute sessions. To find out more about pricing and availability, email us at kim@eslonlinemagazine.com.

in-person tutoring

In-person tutoring is available in the Boston area. These 60-minute sessions are ideal for international students who are studying in a Boston-area school or university. Lessons are created so that the student can be improving English within the context of their academic program. Travel costs are included. For more information, contact us at kim@eslonlinemagazine.com.


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online classes

During the summer months, online bookclubs are offered. These classes are a great way to improve all your English language skills while reading good literature and having fun with your classmates. Check back soon for a complete listing of available classes.