My Top-Ten Websites for Learning English

The internet is packed full of resources for language learners. In this post, I have listed ten of my favorite sites for language learners and teachers. Please let me know if you have a favorite that’s not on my list. Here we go:

  1. This site features short talks given by experts in a variety of fields. Try using subtitles at first. Look up any key vocabulary words that interfere with being able to understand. Then, listen again without them.

  2. Voice of America’s site is full of language learning material. Listen to news reports that are tailored to a variety of language proficiency levels.

  3. The British Council has a website packed with materials for language learners of all levels. To begin, visitors can take a quiz to learn to learn their language level, then they can find lessons tailored to their needs.

  4. Quizlet is a free language-learning tool in which users can make flashcards and create activities to help learn vocabulary.

  5. Newsela is a place to read news and other articles written at a variety of proficiency levels. Readers can test their comprehension and learn vocabulary while improving their understanding of the world.

  6. For academic writing, there is no better source than Purdue Owl. On this site, learners can get grammar questions answered, learn about citations, paraphrasing, and other critical academic writing skills.

  7. Listen and Write is a website where learners of all levels can improve their listening and writing by taking dictations from authentic sources.

  8. Take the iBT TOEFL soon? Start here at to learn about their test and to practice.

  9. Watching movies is invaluable for learners who are intermediate to advanced. In order to get the most out of a movie, read the script first. Look up a few key words. Then, listen scene by scene. If it helps, start with subtitles before rewinding and listening again without them.

  10. The Longman Online Dictionary is my go-to dictionary for explaining vocabulary to ESL students. Its easy-to-understand definitions, pictures, and audio make it a useful source. Unfortunately, users of the mobile version may get distracted by lots of pop-ups. However, I have never had trouble with the laptop version.