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Painted Faces

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another,” says Hamlet to Ophelia in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

On a recent national holiday, a volunteer at a local park offered to paint children’s faces. These young girls took great pleasure in having their faces transformed.  For an afternoon, children pretended to be butterflies, tigers, and princesses.

In addition to children at local fairs, adults can sometimes be seen with painted faces.  Some devoted, almost fanatical, sports fans paint their faces in order to support their team. Halloween is another occasion for painted faces. On October 31, children and adults enjoy dressing up in costumes. Children go door to door, saying “trick or treat” in hopes of getting candy from the person who opens the door. Adults typically don’t go trick-or-treating but enjoy costume parties instead.  Painted faces make their costumes much more realistic.

If you’d like to try painting your face or your child’s, here are some directions from WikiHow.


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