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Making lemonade

Lemons are useful for more than cooking. For example, the juice of a lemon is used in homemade cleaning, health, and beauty products. Although lemon juice adds a sour flavor to food, it can be made into a sweet, refreshing, summertime drink, lemonade, by adding sugar and water.

In addition to being a fruit, the word “lemon” can describe a color, lemon yellow, or depict a person who is sour or unpleasant– “He’s a real lemon.” A  defective product, especially a car, can be called a “lemon” as well.  If you buy a car that constantly breaks down, you could say, “Unfortunately, the car that I bought is a real lemon.”

One of my favorite phrases related to lemons is, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Sometimes in life, we are given sour or difficult circumstances. However, a positive attitude can find a creative means to turn the unpleasant circumstance into something sweet, like lemonade. In America, children often set up lemonade stands in their front lawn, hoping to sell their homemade lemonade to thirsty neighbors walking by. The lemonade stand in the picture above is the adult version and was seen in a nearby park.

If you would like to try making lemonade, here’s a recipe.



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