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Learning from the “Inside Out”

Disney and Pixar have joined together to produce a new movie, “Inside Out”. The film shows the inner emotions and memories of a girl named Riley, her mother, and father. Riley and her family have moved from her hometown in America’s Midwest to San Francisco. Although these cities are both in America, significant cultural differences exist between them. The adjustment can be difficult.

A portion or part of the movie (called a “trailer”) is given below. In the trailer, you’ll see Riley and her parents at the dinner table after her first day of school in San Francisco. The various emotions of the mother, father, and Riley are depicted (shown) as individuals-  Joy, Anger, Disgust, Worry, and Fear. They are the “inside” of the main characters and affect their “outside” behaviors.

A transcript of the trailer is here. Prior to listening, read through the transcript, looking up words you may not know.  Here are a couple of possible new words:  “sass” and “have an attitude” refer to a disrespectful, negative attitude. The clip also has some idioms such as “put your foot down” which means to tell someone with strong authority that he or she must do something. The father makes two cultural references as well– to the toilet seat and the garbage. These are two complaints that women are often said to have towards their husbands.


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