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5 Ways journal writing improves your English

journal writing

Journal writing in English may not be at the top of your to-do list in 2016, but perhaps it should be. Keeping a journal is rewarding, providing a space for reflection and  a way to record your days. Not only are they a place for self-expression, but journals are also an effective tool for improving your English. If you’re not sure if… Read More

How shoes can do the talking


Shoes can do a lot of talking.I discovered that fact at a conference. During the opening session,  the speaker asked us to look at our shoes. She then instructed us to tell the person sitting next to us the story behind our shoes. To my amazement, our shoes had a lot to say.  In this… Read More

Dictation that makes a difference


Dictation is a long-used method for improving language skills. Traditional dictations require the listener to write word-for-word what is said by either a teacher or recording. This time-tested method requires a variety of language skills such as listening, grammatical, vocabulary, and spelling skills. Dictation Practice Listen to these four sentences several times, writing down exactly… Read More

5 Simple Steps to Better Paraphrasing

In America, we get rather uptight about the ownership of words. If you copy someone else’s words and pretend they are yours, you could get expelled from school or university. People even lose their jobs over the matter. Being able to rewrite someone else’s words is not easy, I know. However, practicing it regularly is… Read More