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Talking Turkeys

Turkeys not only end up on dining room tables on Thanksgiving but turkeys also show up in the American language as well. In this week’s post we’ll look at the place of the turkey in American history, culture, language, and literature. Turkeys on the ballot As a young nation, America needed not only a flag… Read More

The language of bread

Bread is not only a staple of the American diet but a common feature Money and bread have a long-held relationship so much so that bread (or dough) have become slang terms for money. Similarly, a “breadwinner” is the person who makes the  money for the family. If I asked you, how you make your… Read More

Learning English in the Garden

Gardens don’t just happen. They take work by people who find pleasure in them. I can relate to the gardener in the following classic poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. However, the child who is speaking in the poem cannot understand him at all. As you read this poem, imagine a child speaking as he watches… Read More