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Queen Elizabeth: Inspiration for the year

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth gives a short message each Christmas. During her speech, she reflects on the past year and looks forward to the new one, offering hope and inspiration to all who listen. Queen Elizabeth’s ten-minute speech is perfect for language learners. You can listen with subtitles the first time and then try listening again without… Read More

Dictation that makes a difference


Dictation is a long-used method for improving language skills. Traditional dictations require the listener to write word-for-word what is said by either a teacher or recording. This time-tested method requires a variety of language skills such as listening, grammatical, vocabulary, and spelling skills. Dictation Practice Listen to these four sentences several times, writing down exactly… Read More

Learning from the “Inside Out”

Disney and Pixar have joined together to produce a new movie, “Inside Out”. The film shows the inner emotions and memories of a girl named Riley, her mother, and father. Riley and her family have moved from her hometown in America’s Midwest to San Francisco. Although these cities are both in America, significant cultural differences… Read More