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Queen Elizabeth: Inspiration for the year

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth gives a short message each Christmas. During her speech, she reflects on the past year and looks forward to the new one, offering hope and inspiration to all who listen. Queen Elizabeth’s ten-minute speech is perfect for language learners. You can listen with subtitles the first time and then try listening again without… Read More

Secrets of Successful Language Learners

What are the secrets of successful language learners? ESL Online Magazine interviewed one successful learner in last week’s post. Here’s more of what Evelyn has to say: Successful language learning starts with mimicry Go where your heart leads you, cars, sports, science, economics… It really doesn’t matter, but what matters is that you need to… Read More

Learning English in the Garden

Gardens don’t just happen. They take work by people who find pleasure in them. I can relate to the gardener in the following classic poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. However, the child who is speaking in the poem cannot understand him at all. As you read this poem, imagine a child speaking as he watches… Read More

5 Simple Steps to Better Paraphrasing

In America, we get rather uptight about the ownership of words. If you copy someone else’s words and pretend they are yours, you could get expelled from school or university. People even lose their jobs over the matter. Being able to rewrite someone else’s words is not easy, I know. However, practicing it regularly is… Read More