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Dreaming like an American

With Independence Day coming this weekend, it is a fitting time to consider the American Dream, an idea so central to the American identity. The “American Dream” was a term first used in 1931 by a historian, James Truslow Adams.  Although the phrase was not used until the 20th century, the ideas behind the American dream… Read More

Learning from the “Inside Out”

Disney and Pixar have joined together to produce a new movie, “Inside Out”. The film shows the inner emotions and memories of a girl named Riley, her mother, and father. Riley and her family have moved from her hometown in America’s Midwest to San Francisco. Although these cities are both in America, significant cultural differences… Read More

Painted Faces

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another,” says Hamlet to Ophelia in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. On a recent national holiday, a volunteer at a local park offered to paint children’s faces. These young girls took great pleasure in having their faces transformed.  For an afternoon, children pretended to be butterflies, tigers,… Read More

Flag Day, June 14th

June 14 marked Flag Day, the birthday of the American Flag. Supposedly,  George Washington asked Betsy Ross, a seamstress in Philadelphia, to make the first flag in June of 1776. Although we do not know for certain who actually made the first flag, we do know that a famous American and president, John Adams said, “Resolved,… Read More

Making lemonade

Lemons are useful for more than cooking. For example, the juice of a lemon is used in homemade cleaning, health, and beauty products. Although lemon juice adds a sour flavor to food, it can be made into a sweet, refreshing, summertime drink, lemonade, by adding sugar and water. In addition to being a fruit, the… Read More

5 Simple Steps to Better Paraphrasing

In America, we get rather uptight about the ownership of words. If you copy someone else’s words and pretend they are yours, you could get expelled from school or university. People even lose their jobs over the matter. Being able to rewrite someone else’s words is not easy, I know. However, practicing it regularly is… Read More

Tom Sawyer: Chapter one

Tom Sawyer is a classic American novel written by Mark Twain. To make the storyline easy to follow, I’ve written an adapted version. If you’d like to download the first chapter, click here. Otherwise, you can read it below: Chapter One “Tom!” “Tom, where are you?!” No answer. She took her broom and swept it under… Read More